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Help using the SAA Illustration Hub

How to use this web site
The SAA Hub has been developed to showcase the work of the illustrators represented by members of The Society of Artists Agents.

Style Galleries
We have identified 20 styles which encompass almost all illustration requirements. These different styles can be viewed by selecting a Style Gallery from the drop-down menu on the left of this page - there you will see an example by each illustrator who has work on the Hub rendered in that particular style.

Thumbnail images
The number of thumbnails on a page is defaulted to 24. You may wish to change this number depending on the speed of your web connection and the size of your screen.
You can also filter the style galleries by Agency if you wish.

Media Files
Click on a thumbnail to view the full media file. This could be a:
- ".jpg" or ".gif" format still image
- ".swf" Flash movie
- ".mov" Quicktime Movie
These files will be dispalyed in the SAA Hub media viewer.

Hub Shorlists
From any Style Gallery you are able to add artists and thier pieces of work to a "shortlist" or lightbox. This can be sent via email to interested parties. You can also save a shortlist to your Browser Favourites, for later review. (The contents of a saved shortlist will reflect your CURRENT selection and are controlled by a cookie file on your computer.)

Linking to individual portfolios
You can link to any individual portfolios from any style galleries just by clicking on the artist name. These pages will open in pop-up windows. From there, you are able to go onto each artist's agent website

Commissioning work
To commission work by an Artist on the hub, contact the Agency directly.
Click the Artist Link in the gallery results or select the artist from the drop-down (No. 2) on The Hub Homepage.

For further Information, please contact SAA members directly.